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Other Teachers Deserve Recognition, Too



I am a bit disappointed with your armchair reporting on the local hero, Robert Tadjiki. This story has been shared in other print material over the past few years that I have lived in Bend. I do not want to discount what Mr. Tadjiki is doing, but I think he has had his share of fame and it is now time to recognize some of the thousands of other employees in the Bend-La Pine school district. I would recommend that you call any school and talk to any principal or student and they can easily provide you with numerous names of teachers who are everyday heroes. These teachers continue to teach more students and earn less pay each year. They have given up pay raises to secure employment for all.

I would like to suggest as a local hero, my daughter’s first-grade teacher who has given her the gift of reading this year along with zipping up her coat when she goes out to recess. What about the freshman math teachers who have 40-plus students in their classes? What about the staff at Marshall High School for providing an alternative education to traditional high school? I would also like to mention Riverbend/Chamberlain teachers who find the enthusiasm and forethought to engage students with social and emotional disabilities. Guidance counselors, at all the high schools, who see that graduation requirements are met along with the social and emotional needs of the student body. Custodians who know students by name and nutrition service who (sic) provide our children with quality food choices. I have faith that there is enough print space in local media to recognize other heroes in our education environment who are making daily sacrifices for our children.  Let’s share the recognition and give thanks to all those in education who put our kids first.

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