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Our Beer Issue Crossword Was Missing Some Clues...

But here are the ones you might have missed


Sometimes this happens...

The crossword titled "Area 51" in the July 25, 2019 issue was missing some clues. It was our bad. Here are all the clues—including the missing ones that include 34 and 35 down.


  • Brendan Emmett Quigley


1. Lollipop flavor
6. The Globe's river
10. Nibble (on)
14. Return the favor, say
15. One who travels with balloons
16. Bank job?
17. With 23- and 53-Across, "Those who work at Area 51 will have all the answers"?
20. Little boys
21. Big name in plastic
22. Wu-Tang Clan rapper also known as "the Chef," briefly
23. See 17-Across
25. Inits. used in some home-cooling systems
27. Runs like the wind
29. Faddish '90s disc
30. "The way," from the East
31. Young swan
32. Big rum producer
34. Heart-to-heart
37. Military plans held at Area 51?
41. Company with a "Become A Host" page on its website
42. Computer that had roughly 18,000 vacuum tubes
44. Suffering person's claim
47. Bock alternative
49. French wine-producing region
50. House lily
51. Chopin piece
53. See 17-Across
54. High priest in Samuel
55. Nate who covers polling for the New York Times
57. "Over there!"
59. Support a ceremony done at Area 51?
64. Away from the wind
65. Craft with wool
66. Difficult to read
67. Yankees catcher Sánchez
68. Toys around one's house
69. College application part


1. Movie supervillain who steals the moon
2. Holding ruler, briefly
3. Formal defense
4. Tree with oblong leaves
5. Looked over
6. Box in a musicians rig
7. Subject of Gustave Courbet's painting "L'Origine du monde"
8. Fatty acid type
9. Untouchable one
10. Dyna-___ (seed company)
11. Thing fired by thinking
12. Burning
13. Most comprehensive
18. Org. focused on workplace falls
19. Vague notion
23. Canadian speed limit abbr.
24. Linguist Chomsky
26. SAT section
28. Utah city near the Great Salt Lake
30. Lake guaranteed to make you giggle
31. Mixtape with a lot of 90s songs on it, e.g.
33. Hiking path
35. Leigh ___ Caldwell (NBC News correspondent)
36. "I pass"
38. Bother
39. Some trustafarians
40. Bareilles who co-wrote the musical "Waitress"
43. Slice
44. Cold comfort provider
45. Peace Nobelist Yousafzai
46. Deli device
48. Bicycle kicking star
51. Colorless gas used in refrigeration
52. Dark
53. Barcelona stock?
56. Peeling spuds
58. Never before, never again
60. Important
61. "___ perfectly normal"
62. Drink from a bag
63. Ice cream man?

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