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Our Election Endorsements: Now on newsstands and online!

The best choices for this year's election.



Come Nov. 6, most of us are so supersaturated with the political carnival that it often seems like too great an effort to wade through the Oregon Voters Guide.

We feel you. It's depressing trying to make sense of the multimillion- dollar smear campaigns and the endless half-truths, especially in a world where it can be hard to discern the difference between candidates who are more interested in votes than taking a stand. 

Don't get bogged down. Vote! And use Our Crack Election Guide as your compass. Armed with a video camera and pointed questions, our editorial board hosted a number of the competing candidates in a panel-style Q&A in order to make an informed choice as to which ones would be best suited to carry out the people's vision for Central Oregon. We also dove deep into the ballot measures and made our picks here: Our Crack Election Guide: Measures

Our Endorsements:



And! For an insider look at our meetings with the candidates, don't forget to check our YouTube channel. Videos from the sessions are now up! 

Now, watch this Final Debate: Songified! for some political comic relief. Keep with it at the end, even after all the "thank-you's," as Bob's closing mini-solo is amazing.

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