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Our Oscar Picks: Who should win and who will win on Sunday

Our picks for the 2011 Oscar winners.



From psychotic ballerinas to stammering kings to a dude who cuts his own arm off, 2010 made quite the impression on moviegoers. The Source film columnists Morgan P. Salvo and Anne Pick spent the year watching as many movies as possible, liking some, hating others and always soaking in the joys (and occasional woes) of going to the theater. Here's a rundown of which filmmakers and actors they think should take home Oscar gold this weekend


Best Picture

Should Win: The Social Network. Contemporary, beautifully done and win or lose, you'll still be updating your Facebook status about it on Oscar night.

Will Win: The King's Speech. Honestly, I fell asleep toward the end and didn't get to see the king's actual speech.

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Should Win: Natalie Portman. Her stunning yet haunting performance in Black Swan makes Portman unbeatable.

Will Win: Natalie Portman. Sorry, Annette Bening, it's still not your year.

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Should Win: James Franco. Everyone else nominated in the Best Actor category had a talented cast to back them up and help them shine. In 127 Hours, Franco spent the majority of the time alone and did an incredible job. You've got to give the guy some credit... and an Oscar. That would be nice.

Will Win: Collin Firth. As the far-and-away favorite, Firth will obviously walk away with the statue without any hesitation for his role as the stammering King George VI in The King's Speech.

Best Director:

Should Win: David Fincher, The Social Network. The veteran director is long over due for an Oscar win, and without a doubt deserves it for this fact-based portrayal of how we became a social media-addicted society.

Will Win: Tom Hooper, The King's Speech. This could almost go either way, as the race seems to be neck-and-neck, but I am with Team Fincher all the way. Hooper's period piece just wasn't my cup of tea.

Best Original Screenplay

Should Win: Black Swan. Yes, I am aware it wasn't nominated, but I don't care. It was much better than all of the actual nominees.

Will Win: The King's Speech. What award isn't this movie going to win?


Best Picture

Should Win: Winter's Bone. There's nothing like a thriller set in the backwoods of the Ozarks depicting the creepy hillbilly underground crime world to get the blood pumping.

Will Win: The Kings Speech. It has all the correct moves and emotional arcs to suck an audience in. Plus, when those darn Brits hit the right notes they really hit them all.

Best Actor in a
Leading Role

Should Win: Colin Firth. He excellently inhabits his transformation that runs a gamut of emotions. Both Javier Bardem's amazing turn of despair and descent into devastation and Jeff Bridges' superb performance don't have a snowball's chance in hell because they both recently won. James Franco's epic one-man arm cutting show can't win - he's co-hosting the Oscars fer cryin' out loud.

Will Win: Colin Firth. His impeccable job as the stammering duke/king is the kind of performance that wins the hearts and minds of Oscar voters.

Best Actress
in a Leading Role

Should Win: Natalie Portman. Her turn at a soul at odds with herself and all her demons is nothing short of mesmerizing, but with these kinds of chops, she's young enough to put the statue on hold.

Will Win: Annette Bening. Submerging herself into her character in The Kids are All Right, her long-overlooked and extensive acting talents are ready for this recognition.

Best Director

Should Win: Darren Aronofsky. He deserved it for Requiem for a Dream, Pi and The Wrestler, and Black Swan was by far the most visually stunning and original flick this year.

Will Win: Maybe Darren Aronofsky, but most likely Tom Hooper for The King's Speech - the other directors' flicks were not on par with their best works.

Best Original Screenplay

Should Win: Mike Leigh for Another Year. His knack for realism and capturing human emotion needs to recognized at the top-shelf level.

Will Win: David Seidler for The King's Speech. The witty banter and schmaltzy shenanigans are smart yet corny enough to pay off in Oscar gold. Please, do not, I repeat do not, let it go to Christopher Nolan for Inception.

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