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Our Picks 1/22-1/30


thursday 23

Tango Alpha Tango

MUSIC—Portland's Tango Alpha Tango is a winning combination of blues, twang, distortion, sexy guitar solos and group jams that are just long enough, not Phish long, but still grove-worthy. The icing on the cake is well-written lyrics and the band's lovely female bassist, Mirabai Trueb, who serves as the soulfully solid backbone of the three-piece band. Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Dr. $5.

thursday 23

Slaughter Daughters

MUSIC—Newcomers to the Bend music scene, but on-stage veterans, the look-alike brunette duo of Slaughter Daughters play with a dark furry that burns through bluegrassy guitar and banjo riffs in a downward spiral to danceland. Portland punkgrass crew Dirty Kid Discount opens. 10 pm. Astro Lounge, 939 NW Bond St. $5. See Pg. 17.

friday 24

Nappy Roots

MUSIC—Southern rappers Nappy Roots were on top of the world a decade ago with hit after hit off their debut album, Watermelon, Chicken, & Grits, including "Po' Folks" and "Awnaw." A decade later, they've stayed humble and continued to produce top-notch music. Join bass violinist Govinda, Those Guys, Cymantics and Laidnightly for a night of Kentucky-fried music. 8:30 pm. Pakit Liquidators, 903 SE Armour Rd. $15. See Pg. 19.

friday 24

Cavatina Duo Omaha Guitar Trio

MUSIC—As the Cavatina Duo joins with the Omaha Guitar Trio, two plus three = soaring songs as joyful flamenco guitars match with a fluttering classical flute, and creates swooping musical landscapes that easily could score an IMAX movie about sunny Spanish vineyards. 7 pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall. $20.

friday 24

Sherman Alexie

READING—As much as a standup comedian as a brilliant social commentator, Sherman Alexie is one of the smartest and most entertaining writers lecturing in America today. The author of "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven" and "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian," Alexie's unyielding and tough prose approaches political correctness with the subtlety of a sledgehammer sledgehammer. 7 pm. Bend High School Auditorium, 230 NE 6th St. $20. See Pg. 29.

saturday 25


MUSIC— Bring your dancing shoes to enjoy the sounds of this Portland junkbox blues duo: "Hurricane" Henry Christian (aka The Waterslide Kid) and John Johnson (aka Lord Johnny Buckets, Bucket and Can Champion of the World). Guitarist Leif James will also add to the joyful noise. 8-11 pm. The Belfry, 302 E. Main St., Sisters. $10 at bendticket.com.

saturday 25

Zombies vs. Unicorns

ROLLER DERBY— Who will triumph on the track? The walking (er, rolling) Zombie dead on a search for human flesh and huge blocks? Or will the horns and equine sense of the Unicorns pierce through the competition? Come find out at Renegade Roller Derby's latest bout. 7 pm. Midtown Music Hall, 51 NW Greenwood Ave. $10 at bendticket.com.

saturday 25

Bpositiv 10 Charity Art Auction

ART AUCTION—Nine years ago, Hannah Pite hosted her sixth birthday. At the time, she had terminal cancer. And, she celebrated in the most generous of fashions—hosting an art auction to raise funds for the Leukemia Society, and also to raise funds for tsunami victims, whom she was concerned about. That big-hearted generosity has been memorialized by an annual art auction and event. 4 – 11 pm. McMenamins, 700 NW Bond. Bring your checkbook.

sunday 26

La Grande Bellezza/The Great Beauty

FILM— Get a jump on your Academy Award ballot with this likely nominee for Best Foreign Film. This Italian production tells the story of man who, after a life of wine, women and song, celebrates his 65th birthday and then wanders the streets of Rome. The characters he meets along the way facilitate reflection on first loves and missed chances. 4 pm. Tin Pan Theater, 869 Tin Pan Alley. $6. See Pg. 30.

tuesday 28

Blackwitch Pudding

MUSIC—Bend's metal community has been on a long-term roller coaster ride. Fear not, head bangers, a resurgence is coming. Groups like Kronkmen and Beer Slayers are reviving the scene, along with D.I.Y. bookers the Pyrate Punx, who put together this bill with the two local groups and Portland sludge-punk metal group Blackwitch Pudding. Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Dr. $5.

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