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Our Picks 1/29—2/6


thursday 30

International Guitar Night

MUSIC —The last night of Bend's Guitar Blast, the strumming and plucking skills of three different continents combine forces. Pino Forastriere of Italy is famous for his steel string guitar prowess. Quique Sinesi of Argentina brings Latin melodies and rhythms to his 6-string. Mike Dawes from England improvises on the fretboard and body of the guitar. And Brian Gore from the U.S. manipulates intriguing chord sequences. 7 pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St. $30.

thursday 30

The Lowest Pair

MUSIC — Banjo pickin' singer-songwriters Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee are a balance of opposites: traditional folk music with original tunes, city street-smarts with back-porch country sensibilities. This Washington-based duo is making waves with its quirky, toe-tapping tunes. 7pm. McMenamins, 700 NW Bond St. Free.

thursday 30

Devil Makes Three

MUSIC—A pinch of Tennessee twang, the directness of gospel earnestness, and a cotton-soft croon, Pete Bernhard's voice drives forward Devil Makes Three's plucky black-n-bluegrass songs with the steady force of a team of quarter horses. They make sinning—gambling, house-burning, raising ruckuses, doing wrong right—sound so fun. 9 pm. Midtown Ballroom, 51 NW Greenwood Ave. $20 at bendticket.com.

friday 31

Weather Machine

MUSIC—Like a musical barometer for Oregon, the Weather Machine mixes quirky and clever lyrics best suited for the foggy moods of a city with simple but insistent Americana guitar and drum beats drawn more from the state's wide-open spaces. The young, folksy musicians spent last rain-swept winter on the coast recording their feel-good debut album. 8 pm. The Belfry, 302 E. Main St. in Sisters. $10 pre, $12 at door.

friday 31 Klunkerz

FILM — This documentary chronicles mountain bike history from its humble beginnings in the Northern California to its multi-million dollar industry. Klunkerz was the name given to those early bikes salvaged, tweaked and loved-back-to-life after being scavenged from dumpsters and junkyards. 7 pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive. $5 at bendticket.com.

saturday 1

Morning Ritual featuring the Shook Twins

MUSIC—When a band uses terms like "composer," expect sophistication and coordinated intricacies. Composer Ben Darwish delivers just that: ghostly harmonies sung by twin sisters, as beautifully seductive as sirens, layering on top of laconic jazz bass drum beats. The music is lulling and hypnotic, yet simultaneously uplifting and dizzying. 7 pm. The Belfry, 302 E Main St. in Sisters. $10 pre, $12 at door.

sunday 2

Super Bowl XLVIII

SPORTS—Whether Russell Wilson emerges and sees his shadow may determine more than just the rest of winter in the Pacific Northwest; his sophomore year could fashion a next generation of quarterbacks. With mouthwatering catering from Little Bit of Texas and a west of the Mississippi showdown, Volcanic wraps up a great season of football. 12:30 pm. Volcanic Theatre, 70 SW Century. Free.

tuesday 4

TAO Rising

DANCE & DRUMMING—Here's the showdown I'd like to see: A southern college drum line going toe-to-toe with Tao Rising! With the aggression of a samurai and the power of a Godzilla-sized thunderclap, Tao Rising is a booming stage show of athleticism and percussion. 7:30 pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall. $35-$45.

wednesday 5

Toad the Wet Sprocket

MUSIC—After a 16-year hiatus, this alternative rock band has come out with a new album, New Constellation. Hitting it big in the 1990s ("Walk on the Ocean" being the song most likely to wormhole into your head), the band—vocalist and guitarist Glen Phillips, guitarist Todd Nichols, bassist Dean Dinning, and drummer Randy Guss—bring their groovy tunes and lyrics back to the stage on their new tour. 7:30pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St. $34-$39.

thursday 6

Eugene Ballet

BALLET—At times, as moody and powerful as a bull elephant in heat, as delicate and flighty as a monarch butterfly on other licks, Rimsky-Korsakov rocks! And what better music to set Eugene Ballet dancing "1001 Arabian Nights," the sexy, dark and exotic tales of adventure. 7:30 pm. Bend High, 230 NE 6th. $12 - $42.

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