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Our Picks for the Week of 3/4-3/12


Tuck and Roll, Pistol Whipped Prophets, !Danger Death Ray!

thursday 6

Tuck and Roll is one of the newest members of the Bend punk scene, offering up a hard-driving and tiger-tight pop-laced punk rock with plenty of panache that can't help but create a likeness to NOFX. The trio is playing this free show before a quick Oregon tour that takes them to Eugene and Portland. You should also check out the two other punk acts on the bill: Pistol Whipped Prophets and !Danger Death Ray! Players Bar & Grill, 25 SW Century Dr.

Too Fine to be Unsigned Tour

friday 6

Goodnight Sunrise, a super young pop punk outfit from Helena, Montana, headlines this all ages show that also includes other killer unsigned acts like Call The Cops, Bidwell, Love You Long Time and Redmond's own The Roe. 7pm. $10. Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave.

Pert Near Sandstone

friday 6

It's shaping up to be a downright bluegrass hoedown when this innovative acoustic band makes its way to the Silver Moon all the way from Minneapolis. The largely young and mostly traditional band is cultivating a healthy following and has also appeared on "A Prairie Home Companion" accompanied by a funny little intro from Mr. Garrison Keillor himself. 9pm. $6. Silver Moon Brewing Co., 24 NW Greenwood Ave.

Crystal Dragons

friday 6

First Fridays are always fun - lots of new art to be seen and wine to be sipped, but if you're looking for a slightly different, or actually very different, First Friday experience, check this out. We're still trying to wrap our heads around it, but from what we can tell, this multi-media show brings 11 artists, rock music, spoken word, spaceman costumes, fog machines and more together for an all-out sensory experience. Word is that this is pretty friggin' sweet. Dress up in "space gear" and get in for free! Otherwise it's $5. PoetHouse Art, 25 Minnesota Ave, 7pm.

Jonna's Body, Please Hold

through saturday 14

This play is centered around a sassy receptionist who fields calls from a parade of quirky body parts. The one-hour, one-woman show features riotous calls from body parts ranging from toes to ta-tas. Funny stuff. March 5-14, Thurs - Sat. Matinee on March 8 at 3pm. Call 312-9626 for tickets. 7pm Thursday, Mar 5. 2nd Street Theater, 220 NE Lafayette Ave. $18/adults, $16/students & seniors.

Lucky I Am (Living Legends), Gray Matters, Sapient

saturday 7

The One Living Legends Minus Seven Tour drops off in town with LA's Lucky I Am at the top of the bill, accompanied by Gray Matters and Sapient. Easily the best hip-hop to be found in town this weekend. 9pm. Old Mill Martini Bar, 360 SW Powerhouse Dr.

Bend It Like Bhangra

saturday 7

Fresh off a trip to India, the Portland duo of DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid, pump some worldly jams into the Tulen Center for a night of Bhangra, Bollywood, Reggaeton, Balkan beats and Fifth World rhythms. Think of it as a global dance party, if you will. 21 and up. 10pm-1am. $5. Tulen Center, 20 NW Grenwood Ave.

The Battlefield Band

sunday 8

You could easily pass this show off as a warm up, or perhaps practice run, for St. Patrick's Day, but the Battlefield Band is actually Scottish, not Irish. This band, which pioneered the integration of bagpipes with fiddle, keyboards, guitar and voice, combine traditional sounds with some modern flavors and upbeat rhythms. 7pm. $25 or $30. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St.


thursday 12

All right, let's provide you with one slightly deflating detail on this show: Gallagher won't be smashing anything. Not a single watermelon. Nothing. That's because this is a "no sledge" show in which the goofy haired comedy legend provides some poignant social and political commentary. Oh come on, don't worry. So you're not going to get splattered with miscellaneous types of liquid, big deal. It still should be a hoot and a half. 8pm. $24, $29. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St.

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