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friday 24

Tom Green

It's been quite a while since I watched Road Trip or Freddy Got Fingered, but that doesn't erase the quotable and totally timeless fart and butt jokes spewed by Tom Green in both films from my mind. Remember that time he documented the removal of his testicle? Or his ridiculous self-titled show on MTV? Didn't he marry Drew Barrymore? Maybe he's grown up some since his time in the spotlight, maybe he hasn't. But it's reasonable to think you'll laugh in the process of finding out. 7:30 & 10 pm. Helium Comedy Club. $25-32.

friday 24

Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate

If you (or the small child we totally believe you have) are a Disney fanatic, or if you're simply tired of watching Frozen over and over and over, mix it up with a live action medley of more than 50 characters from 16 stories. On ice. Sort of like the adult beverage you will likely want to consume before and/or after your romp through the happiest memories of the make-believe residents of the creator of the happiest place on earth. 7 pm. Moda Center. $20-68. Through Oct. 26.

saturday 25

King Tuff When Sub Pop first pushed onto the Northwest music scene in the late '80s, and then stormed across the world in the early '90s with Nirvana and Soundgarden, they were edgy and dangerous, an assault on the safe folksy music that was dominating airwaves at the time. But everyone ages, and mellows. Still sensible and tuned to catchy tunes, Sub Pop is more commercial than combative these days and, although the show is billed as "Punk Rock Monday," King Tuff, one of their current musicians, is more catchy stoner pop than sneering angry punk—which is to say that it is still fun and layered with crashing cymbals and fuzz-busting guitar chords and yelling front man. Joined by La Sera. 6:30 pm. Lola's Room. $15.

saturday 25

World Beard and Moustache Championships From delicately twisted and manicured Dali moustaches to "Duck Dynasty" worthy un-styled beards, this annual competition celebrates all things facial hair. There are already 200 contestants registered for the international event competing in 17 categories in the divisions moustaches, beards and partial beards. Don't forget the after-party with all of the contestants and bearded musical wonders, the heavy as hell Red Fang. 1 pm. Keller Auditorium. $10.

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