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SXSW monday 11-sunday 17

This column is typically reserved for events in the Northwest, things that Bendites could check out within a day's drive of Central Oregon, but SXSW is a huge freaking deal and I'm not going to let it slip by without at least honorable mention. This music/film/interactive festival is the largest of its kind in the world with 2,500 performers/bands playing in more than 100 venues and loads of other unofficial performances. The Source (read: me) will be on the ground for the music portion of this year's festival. I'll be reporting back in misspelled alcohol-fueled tweets and blogs so stay tuned, or buy a ticket to Austin and join me.


Troll 2: The Musical friday 15

The best of the worst in films, Troll 2 was written by Italians who didn't speak fluent English, acted by a cast with little to no acting experience, and contained a grand total of zero trolls. It's been deemed one of the worst movies of all time, so naturally, Portland loves it. They love it so much that after a sold-out Fertile Ground reading, aficionados of the B-horror flick adapted it into a stage musical. 8 p.m. Action/Adventure Theater.


The Penumbra Beer Bash saturday 16

Forget the St. Patty's Day madness. Leave your "Kiss Me I'm Irish" T-shirt at home. The Stranger is hosting a music/beer festival bringing together local bands and brews from the Seattle area. Musical acts include the Catheters, a hard-core punk band that has chosen Penumbra for its triumphant reunion after an onstage fistfight dissolved the group in 2004. Some of Seattle's best-named bands will be in attendance, including the Pleasureboaters, Wimps, La Luz, Prism Tats and Tacocat. 4 p.m. King's Hall.

Nick Offerman thursday 21

If you ever feel like building something with your hands, growing a mustache or eating bacon-wrapped bacon, Nick Offerman might make you laugh. Offerman is an actor, comedian and meat eater whose portrayal of Ron Swanson on"Parks and Recreation" has helped to fuel the show's success. Swanson loves breakfast foods, small government and woodworking. Offerman's comedy has a similar deadpan hilarity. 8 p.m. Moore Theatre.

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