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Out of Town 3/6 - 3/14



Electric Six

thursday 7

Spending a night with Electric Six means dancing until there's a fire in the disco. The after party is dancing until there is a fire in the Taco Bell. Jack White was rumored to have sung backup vocals on their song "Danger! High Voltage" back in 2003, at which point the band was told by an attorney to neither confirm or deny the rumors. I guess we'll never know. Their disco glam pop, easily confusable with the Scissor Sisters, will have you dancing your buns off, all the way to the gay bar, gay bar gaaaay bar! 9 p.m. Dante's.

Blind Boys of Alabama

sunday 10

Pretty much just what they sound like, the Blind Boys of Alabama is six men who can't see a damn thing, but boy can they sing. Formed in Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind in 1939, the group is considered a gospel legend. The Blind Boys have earned praise for their interpretations of everything from traditional gospels to contemporary spirituals, to songs by Curtis Mayfield, Ben Harper, Eric Clapton, Prince and Tom Waits. 8 p.m. Mississippi Studios.


John Hodgman

friday 8

Don't recognize the name? John Hodgman is the editor of the New York Times Magazine's humor section. Still can't place him? He's a correspondent on the "Daily Show." Still lost? A'right fine, he's the PC in the "Buy a Mac" commercials. Although he doesn't have a household name just yet, John Hodgman is a safe bet for hilarious stand-up. Anyone who can write a 240-page almanac called The Areas of My Expertise that contains almost no factual information is pretty hilarious in my book. 7 p.m. McDonald Theater.


Flogging Molly

tuesday 12

Flogging Molly prides itself on being the voice of the working class. Celtic punk rock straight out of L.A., the band brings you an opportunity to mosh then sing along to a drunken lullaby. Their song "What's Left of the Flag" is a favorite shouted anthem for drunken frat boys and gutter punks alike, especially directly after slamming an Irish car bomb. This show is the perfect pre-game for St. Patty's Day. 7:30 p.m. The Paramount Theater.

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