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Outta Control Burning



Come on...let's face it: the Controlled Burning in Oregon is outta control.

Hmmm, Let's see...It's a No Brainer that early this past Wednesday winds were extra strong from the get go...Not talking a little breezy here, we're talking strong, forceful, steady, blustery winds. Could it be a dangerous type of person with a mindset to "Get on with outta controlled burning" that allowed the now Wizard Fire to spread uncontrollably on Thursday, Mr. Forest Service Man? No question about it, there's your mysterious answer; search no further Mr. Ranger Man. So forget your heroic pledge, how you, "Vow a complete review to see what went wrong, and work to prevent any repeats of this problem." The only "Sequence of Events that took place that need corrective measures" is you and the mindless decision to forge forward to burn Thursday.

Let's take another perspective of burning, a different view from another angle of LIFE. Let's say there are plenty of forest fires from spring to fall, none of them landed remotely near or around where controlled burning has left all life dead and trees charred from past years. So now what? What on Earth cajoles the human mind into believing that these controlled burns are in fact saving more LIFE than they KILL? Now that's the Real Mystery for sure!

Hmmm, has anyone ever considered the health factor in Humans relative to breathing in so much smoke? Every year the number of forest fires vary. This year Central Oregon had months of California fire smoke, plus many fires here in Oregon. There have been very few smokeless days with little to no breaks from fire this season. It would be intelligent to act according to what's at hand here. More than plenty of burnt land for the season and people not well from too much fire smoke. Maybe it's time to consider stopping the not-so-merry-go-round of controlled burning.

Take a break from burning Life this fall and instead, Breathe It In.

Leo, Bend

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