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Pacific Power Says Dam is "Not Very" Important to Company



Yesterdays MPMB powwow.
  • Yesterday's MPMB powwow.

During Wednesday's Mirror Pond Management Board meeting Pacific Power rep. Angela Jacobson Price was asked "how important is the dam to your company?"
"Not very," she said. Price went on to call the Newport Avenue dam, the 100-year-old structure which impounds the Deschutes River at Drake Park, "a small asset" and said it provides power for less than 1,000 homes.

Although she declined to elaborate further on what that might mean for the community and the future of the dam, Price did say that altering the dam was in Pacific Power's "10 year plan."

It still seems as if the utility company is very much open to relinquishing control of the dam. Price asked "What does the community want us to do?"
Ryan Houston, MPMB member and executive director of the Upper Deschutes watershed Council asked Price if the community says, "keep the dam," would you sell it to the Parks District? Again, Price declined to comment.

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