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Packed Like Sardines

This week's letter comes from K. Golding who zeros in on annoying driving habits. On the eve of Memorial Day weekend and the official start


This week's letter comes from K. Golding who zeros in on annoying driving habits. On the eve of Memorial Day weekend and the official start of summer travel season, it's a fitting time to vent our frustrations. And we certainly concur with what our writer has to say this week. So be safe out there on the roads and think about your fellow travelers.

Meantime, K can pick up her winner's prize, a pound of Strictly Organic coffee at our offices, 704 NW Georgia.

What ever happened to the procedure of having a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you? I drive from Tumalo to Madras or Salem at least once a week and am tired of running into a line of cars with six feet between each other doing 40 miles an hour behind some guy with a trailer - most prevalent on the Santiam, but you see it on 97 also.

It is not the guy with the trailer that I am upset with, but the people behind him. The road has areas that are marked with a dotted line, and these are legal and safe for passing in. If you are not going to pass the slow vehicle at least give those who will pass enough room to safely do so in the safe passing areas. I keep coming up on 6 to 10 cars all going 40 miles an hour bumper to bumper for miles on end. There are plenty of safe passing zones, as long as you are only passing one or two cars at a time. If a driver does not feel safe passing at least give those of us who know the road and the safe passing areas room to pass and continue the trip at a safe 55-60 mph. This does not mean speeding up as you are being passed or turning on your high beams after someone passed you just because you don't think it was "safe."

Same goes with the "Right Lane Ends" signs, doesn't anyone know that it means if you are in the right lane you have to move left (turn signal anyone?) and those in the left lane have the right of way. Yes, I am always nice and let them in, but it just makes you wonder if these people have a clue as to what is going on in the world.

K. Golding.

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