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Paleo Eats Caveman Treats

Primitive power for present-day people



Paleo Eats is the creation of Central Oregon multitasking mom-turned-entrepreneur, Debbie Fred. It's said that necessity is the mother of all invention, and Fred was not exempt from that rule. Nutrition was always a priority to this mother of three, but when she became aware that her first two children had severe food-related allergies, the question of what to feed them became one she found asking herself too many times in a day.

Options for meals and snacks challenged the family as Fred searched for foods that were gluten-free, dairy-free, not riddled with sugar and also pleasing to the demanding tastes of children. Fred saw an opportunity to step up and create, but had no idea her solution to the challenge would come to the rescue of so many people who live beyond her dinner table.

The product was at first whipped up in Fred's kitchen in single batches, then later, baked in bulk by Live Foods in Salem, a gluten-free bakery. The Paleo Eats bars, unlike more nationally recognized brands, include raw honey and maple syrup instead of refined sugars that are all common in prepackaged foods these days.

In addition to tasty ingredients, Fred has done her research to make sure she's creating her gluten-free and dairy-free energy bars with enough positive fuel inside to make a difference in a person's day. Each bar has protein and fiber as a priority, which have the added benefit of making stomachs feel fuller for longer.

Fred has no intention of slowing down. "Nationwide is my goal," she says. Paleo Eats primitive power bars are available for sale via and through her website at, making choosing healthful paleo-based foods a lot easier.

For more information on the paleo diet and on Fred's journey, visit her on social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching "Paleo Eats."

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