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Paper Ballots or Vapor Ballots

The surprising results of the New Hampshire primary have conjured up the same questions that arose following the victories of Bush the Younger in the



The surprising results of the New Hampshire primary have conjured up the same questions that arose following the victories of Bush the Younger in the past two elections. Who really won The big question revolves around the use of Diebold electronic vote counting machines, which can be easily manipulated and leave no paper trail.

Hillary Clinton's win in New Hampshire was clearly in contrast to expert expectations and, more importantly, the exit poll interviews. In precincts where machines were used, Hillary Clinton won, but where paper ballots were hand-counted, Barack Obama won.

It has been said that politics in America is not about real issues, just about elections. If plutocrats can find (or have found) a way to predetermine the outcome of elections, the already shattered glass of democracy will turn into fine dust.

Dennis Kucinich's call for a recount in New Hampshire is not about his own success, because he knows he is not a real contender. But as Dennis and everyone else understands, Barack Obama is.

All who smell a rat in American politics, and that should include each and every American citizen by now, should support the New Hampshire recount and, more importantly, the movement to restore paper ballots and the hand-counting of American votes in all elections.

If American citizens don't choose paper, we may as well kiss our votes goodbye while our hopes for a government of, by and for the people slip away into cyberspace.

Greer Thomas, Bend

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