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Party Like a Mayan



Forget the winter solstice, you've got a much better reason to rock out this Dec. 21—the end of life as we know it. As you may have heard, the Mayan calendar ends this week, signifying the destruction of the world.

OK, OK, so there's a chance that ancient civilization didn't know what they were talking about, and nothing will actually happen. But just in case it does, two options for going out in a blaze of glory await doomed Bend music lovers.

The Horned Hand has invited The Rum and the Sea and Boxcar Stringband to its End of the World show. TRTS will supply the modern Americana and Boxcar will get the crowd whipped up with rockabilly during what is sure to be a raucous night. Then there's a Bluegrass-a-thon at Century Center featuring Moon Mountain Ramblers and Pitchfork Revolution. Another great choice for digging in and making your last stand.

So choose wisely. This might just be your last live music experience EVER.

In order to find out just what these bands think about the hype surrounding what could be their final shows, the Source caught up with Jason Schweitzer of TRTS and Dan McClung of MMR.

SW: Predictions? Will the world end shortly after your shows?

Schweitzer: Hopefully not. But you never know. World's gotta end sometime.

McClung: Yes, the world will definitely end. How could 25 million believers in a 5125-year-old calendar prepared by ancient scholars with no scientific training be wrong?

SW: How will you celebrate if you actually wake up on the 22nd?

Schweitzer: I'll spend some time with my family cuddled up on the couch, nursing a hangover and watching Christmas movies.

McClung: Pay off my credit cards, which I maxed out knowing the world was going to end.

SW: How will your shows be "end of the world" themed?

Schweitzer: Elysian Brewing, who is sponsoring us, has this whole series of apocalypse-themed beers that will be featured, and we wrote an end-of-the-world song. We briefly discussed dressing up as Mayan deities, but we're getting to that age and body shape where no one wants to see us run around stage half naked.

McClung: We'll cover "The End" by the Doors and "It's The End of the World as We Know It" by R.E.M. as well as [perform] an original called "The Fog" that has been described as Doom-grass. Also, some cool decorations and hopefully some fire and/or belly dancers.

The Rum & The Sea with Boxcar Stringband

8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 21

The Horned Hand

507 NW Colorado Ave.

$5 at the door

Moon Mountain Ramblers with Pitchfork Revolution

8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 21

Century Center Ballroom

70 SW Century Dr.

$8 at the door

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