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Pass the Patchouli

In addition to low-pay and long hours, one of the great benefits of a career in journalism is the ability to be publicly crucified by



In addition to low-pay and long hours, one of the great benefits of a career in journalism is the ability to be publicly crucified by readers. So it is with great reverence that we present staff writer and resident local music guru Mike Bookey with this well-crafted cross courtesy of Mark Smuland. Thanks for the letter Mark. You can pick up your winner's prize, an Old Mill pint glass and a cold beverage to fill it at our offices, 704 NW Georgia. You can thank Mike while you're here.

Pass the Patchouli

Mike (Bookey): Step away from the granola bar, put on your Converse high tops, turn up the volume on some real rock and roll.

While I didn't attend the 4 Peaks Festival, I've been to enough shows throughout my 35 years of attending concerts to know a pechulli (sic) fest when I see one. If I close my eyes, I can see the women spinning in their gauze skirts with their ratty-haired dreadlock kids in tow. Concert of the year? While I do appreciate the promoters of this fest who are trying to improve the music scene in Central Oregon, I don't think so!

Michael Franti and Spearhead? I did attend this show but primarily to see Built to Spill crush the peaceniks with their 3-guitar assault. I have rarely seen a more contrived show than Spearhead's. How many sing-alongs can one person take? Those lovey dovey, arm-waving charades with the crowd are only used when the music itself can't hold your attention. How about that lame-ass cover of that sappy 70's hit "Dancing in the Moonlight"? I had to go straight to the beer garden to wash the taste out of my mouth from that drivel.

If you really wanted to see a great rock and roll show, you should have seen the Melvins at the Domino Room in July. I mostly went just to see a seminal band of the punk movement for historical perspective. What we all got was a blistering set of music that peeled the paint off of the walls. These guys set the room on fire with their two-drummer assault that left my jaw on the floor. Get off the hippy rock bandwagon and get in touch with the music that really matters.

Mark Smuland

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