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Patio Style: A survey of some summertime dining faves

It took some time to arrive but it seems that summer has finally settled into Central Oregon. Now that it's here, it's time to take


It took some time to arrive but it seems that summer has finally settled into Central Oregon. Now that it's here, it's time to take stock of some of the new outdoor dining options around town, as well as some of the standbys.


475 SW Powerhouse Dr., Shops at the Old Mill District. 389-8998. Anthony's is part of a small Seattle-based chain that has found a niche here in Bend's Old Mill. Best known for its excellent summertime patio dining when patrons can watch the river roll by, and, on occasion, eavesdrop on a Les Schwab Amphitheater headliner, Anthony's specializes in seafood, but offers a diverse menu. (Try the halibut tacos for lunch.) A sleek open kitchen offers diners a distinctly modern experience without the froufrou dishes.


1019 NW Brooks St. 383-1599 Size isn't everything when it comes to patio dining, and, ahem, other stuff too. Case in point, the BBC's backyard patio where patrons can sip down a local micro while watching the Deschutes River roll by. A special thanks to the real estate slowdown on this one, as the patio would have been boxed in by adjacent development before the slump pulled the rug out from the project. Oh well, guess we'll just have to cry in our beer. BBC's atmosphere, food and locally crafted beers have earned it a large and loyal clientele in Bend's crowded brewpub market. Check out Local's Night on Tuesdays starting at 4 p.m. when the pints are $2.25.


850 NW Brooks St. 388-6868. Right on the breezeway this patio is a prime time people watching station and great spot to cool out with friends on a summer night while working down a house-blend martini. The menu includes small plates of tapenade, hummus and antipasto as well as salads and a daily soup. Entrees include seared ahi, fondue, pasta dishes and a vegan wrap. Check out the locally made spirits and infused vodkas mixed with expertise into interesting house beverages.

El Burrito

335 NE Dekalb, 382-2177. A little of the radar as far as patio dining goes, El Burrito nonetheless has a nice deck option for diners. The place is a throwback to small neighborhood restaurants serving handcrafted food. Established in 1985, The Fuentes have owned it for the last 2 1⁄2 years keeping the traditional Mexican dishes and adding nice touches like homemade ice cream and horchata. Bright and colorful, the warm, friendly and prompt wait staff enhances the great atmosphere.


803 SW Industrial Way. 306-3121. The new kid on the Old Mill block features small plates with global influences. An ever changing menu and a kitchen staffed with the culinary minds of Jeremy Baumgartner and Ryan Barrett makes meals here an experience for your palette. A lively atmosphere with 3 plasma screens and a deck overlooking the Deschutes will make this a coveted spot come summer time. Meantime, Fireside Red is already drawing crowds for its eclectic tapas. Don't miss the desserts by pastry chef Michelle Morris - they're worth every calorie.


1004 NW Newport Ave. 318-6224. Kebaba, Bend's only Middle Eastern eatery, has a comfy atmosphere, consistently good food and is easy on the wallet. In the summer the outside dining blends perfectly with your mezza plate, even if the heater must be employed to ward off our Central Oregon summer evening temp drop. The only place to satisfy you craving for hummus, tobouli and schwarma sandwiches.

McKay Cottage

62910 OB Riley Rd, 383-2697. One of the premier breakfast spots in town is also home to one of the premier patios. Just a little of the beaten path on the north end of town, McKay offers extensive seating on the lawn in front of the cottage. The park-like setting across the street from Sawyer Park and the Deschutes River makes this a great spot to munch on McKay's signature Benedicts. There's even a cool fire pit to take the chill off those Central Oregon mornings.

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