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Pedaling Like Mad

Stressing the importance of following the rules of the bike trail.


Bend Oregon was recently named the top mountain bike city in the U.S. by Mountain Bike Action magazine. There are amazing trails around every corner and wonderful weather almost every day. Most of the time the trails are in good condition, not too busy, and bikers obey the rules most of the time, but there is occasionally that young/daring person who is riding twice as fast as everyone else, breaking almost all of the rules and disrupting the peaceful environment. That one person can cause discomfort and even harm to fellow mountain bikers around them. Everyone should follow the rules of the trail and bike safely and responsibly for the safety of themselves and others. There are designated places for fast-paced biking that are better than the laid-back trails around town for those types of bikers.

If all mountain bikers followed the rules of the trail by respecting fellow riders, cleaning up after themselves and being aware of their surroundings, Bend's trails would be even better!

Everyone needs to take part in keeping our trails clean and in safe condition. Our town is amazing and should stay that way. We are all lucky to live in a town that has so many outdoor opportunities; we should embrace it and respect our environment and the people that surround us.

Amity Fisher, Bend

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