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Pictures From Yesterday's Snowpocalypse



On Monday night, we all went to bed thinking that we'd wake up to some drizzly rain. Instead, we all woke up to SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011. Or, as the Source Staff coined it yesterday, after losing power, then going to three different staffer's houses due to further power outages, then finally coming back to the Source offices and finishing the paper at 2 a.m., the SNOWCLUSTEREFF. 

Here are some photos from yesterday's dump:

In front of the Source Offices (note our trusty shoveler - and Sales Rep - Brandon Sizemore):

At Kristi Simmons-Knight's house, one of the relocation spots for the Source Staff:

Note Kristi's Baby, Hank. He's loving it:

Tree limbs were down all over. Here's Brandon's house:

And here's casa de Anne Pick, Calendar Editor:


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