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Pigskin Parade: Let America's best sporting season begin


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At this time of year we're told that most red-blooded American males are gaga over Major League Baseball's impending playoffs. The pennant races have tightened races in several of baseball's divisions. Will the Phillies once again come through for the National league or are those Reds going to surprise them? And don't forget about the heavily under-publicized and seldom-seen-on- tv, San Diego Padres.

Over on the American League side, can anyone stop the Yankees? Love the Rays and the Twins for their lack of overpaid stars but it looks like the Bronx juggernaut will again conquer all in the AL and win the World Series with no matter who comes out of the NL.

That's what we males are supposed to be thinking about but I think most aren't. No most sports crazed males are thinking about football. Yes it's "pigskin season" as my dad lovingly called it, and the Monday night college game between Boise State and Virginia Tech is a great way give the opening weekend a huge boost.

From their Smurf Turf to their swagger, Boise State has a chance to make the NCAA look silly. If the team goes undefeated and ends up ranked in the top two nationally at season's end, the NCAA can no longer say that team like Boise State, TCU etc can't play with the traditional powerhouses or take part in the National Championship game.

O.k., so how about some love for Oregon's two in-state teams. Both especially need serious help in overcoming their tarnished images and becoming, in the eyes of many people outside the State, what's wrong with big time college football.

So here's hoping that the OSU and U of O seasons don't boil down to more sucker punch, stolen property and nude three-point stance headlines.

On to the NFL and what better way to kick things off with Saint Bret Favre leading the Minnesota Vikings against the New Orleans Saints. The drama king against the team that is quickly replacing the Cowboys as "America's Team."

The pigskin parade couldn't get started any better and as to baseball, well let's talk about that when the World Series starts.


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