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The Pimps of Joytime bring the funk



When you hear the name "The Pimps of Joytime," it's hard to imagine how perfect that name actually is for the band. Every song off of every album sees the band absolutely pimping the idea of just letting go and having fun. Their funk is a deep funk you feel in your soul, making it impossible not to get your groove on.

From Brooklyn and New Orleans, the band bridges East Coast soul styles with a NoLa funk that seems to expand with each album. In 2005 bandleader Brian J started assembling one of the tightest groups of soul vocalists and multi-instrumentalists touring. Even as the lineup changes, the sound continues to evolve into something wholly original.

Their 2008 release, "Funk Fixes and Remixes," adds DJs to their release "High Steppin," giving them some of their tightest recordings to date, with some genuinely inventive remixes. Tracks like "Bonita" with DJ Vadim bring a decidedly hip-hop vibe to a Latin dance track, while "H20" with DJ Smash adds old school dub to an up-tempo jazz number. Each song on the record jumps between genres almost effortlessly.

In 2011 they released "Janxta Funk," which added a huge horn section to their already massive sound. There's almost more of a jam band vibe to the record, while still staying true to their soul and funk roots. This is an album that would make The Neville Brothers proud, just as much as it would Sly and the Family Stone.

Their new record, "Jukestone Paradise" gets downright psychedelic and sets them apart from any of the current funk bands around. Whether they're playing around with '70s disco, Southern guitar rock or synth-pop goofiness, they still always manage to sound like The Pimps they are.

This article originally appeared in Bent, the Source Weekly's blog.

The Pimps of Joytime

Saturday, March 4. 8pm

Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Dr.


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