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Politics of Paranoia



Desperate to catch Barack Obama, Hillary let a nasty secret escape: Her affinity for power exceeds her fidelity to the public interest.

This became clear in a recent campaign commercial tailored to the politics of paranoia. The gist of the commercial was that she was better suited than Obama to "answer the phone" when the ominous call (exact context unspecified) arrives at 3 am in the White House and "your children are asleep in bed." The ad implied that she, not Obama, is the one who can safeguard your spawn from the overseas evils that daily threaten our excellent (not to mention skillfully governed) domestic existence. It is pathetic to watch the Hill-Billy campaign play the Republican bogeyman card: Elect me, or your kiddies will be killed!

As an antidote to this kind of campaign - which may presage her style of leadership - I recommend a recent investigative article in Rolling Stone magazine titled "The Fear Factory." Humorously, the article illustrates how the Keystone Kops in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, for want of any actual terrorists to track, are busy protecting us from pizza guys and radioactive turds.

On a more somber note, the article reveals that the modus operandi of the FBI and the JTTF is to orchestrate otherwise non-existent terror threats: They invent and outfit attempted attacks using their own agents, operatives, and arms, and then "save" us from them at the last second. They are actors in an ongoing Orwellian odyssey, leaving one to wonder what is needed for real change to occur in our crumbling country. "The Fear Factory" is online at rollingstone.com (or Google "Rolling Stone Fear Factory").

Matt Orr

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