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Pop-Up Creative Feast

Art inspires collaboration between chef, poet and musician


Aplethora of tasty bites help make for a delicious dinner. - LISA SIPE
  • Lisa Sipe
  • Aplethora of tasty bites help make for a delicious dinner.

hat happens when a chef, a poet and a musician walk into an art exhibition? It sounds like the start of a joke, but in this case, it means the beginning of a pop-up Creative Feast.

There are plenty of ways to have a memorable dining experience, but this unique one takes place in a very unlikely space: Bend Art Center. The gallery and studio, located in the Box Factory, hosts an evening filled with art, music, poetry, and of course, food.

The evening starts with a glass of wine and time to privately tour the art exhibition. Guests receive a menu demonstrating the pieces of art that serve as inspiration for the four-course seasonal meal. This gives you a moment to really look at the artwork, to fall into the colors and textures. You may wonder which marks in the piece will inspire your meal. Will a thick orange brush stroke become a carrot? Will a swirling yellow field yield a piece of cheese? You'll know soon enough, but to start, this is the visual amuse-bouche.


rayna Castelbaum, a poetry instigator from Clear Lens Coaching, is the guide for the evening. She begins with a curated poem, an enticing melody of words that stimulate the mind, connect to the art and leads you into the first food course. This is when Chef Anna Witham, a crafter of decadent culinary delights from 123Ramen and The Root Cellar, enters the scene, sharing her connection to the art and how she channeled the spirit of it into the thoughtfully plated meal in front of you. Her story connects the dots. From there, cellist Billy Mickelson from ThirdSeven takes over and his rhythmic, ethereal musical improv fills the air. His cello's lacquered surface is worn from the history of the bow crossing the strings and Billy using the body like a drum. The instrument is its own piece of art. Using the art around the room, the aroma from the meal and the energy from the guests, Billy creates his music.

It's an interesting and engaging way to experience many different art forms in one evening. It's also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Bend Art Center hosts several Creative Feasts throughout the year, but each event is completely unique and not repeated.

The next Creative Feast is coming in September. Executive Director Alexis Chapman said, "Our Lunar exhibit acts as a celestial inspiration for our Creative Feast. This event is a collaboration of talented community partners coming together to share their passions, each enhancing and inspiring one another to create a unique and unforgettable evening for everyone involved." The Lunar exhibit is made up of uniformly sized moon images, each created by a different local or regional artist. The images wrap around the gallery, making for an ethereal effect. As you might have guessed, the exhibition was curated in anticipation of the recent total solar eclipse. If you witnessed totality and were moved by the spectacle, dining at the next Creative Feast is an opportunity to relive and expand upon that experience.

What does a lunar-inspired meal taste like? Will it include a cheese course? You don't have to leave this planet to find out.

Creative Feast: Fall Equinox

Fri. Sept. 22, 6pm

550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 180

Tickets $60 per person

RSVP: 541-330-8759

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