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Post-Election High?

Bend budtenders offer their recommendations for relaxing after Nov. 3



As the final election results pour in over the next week, the anxiety of an uncertain future or undecided races may make it hard to turn off at the end of the day. The Source contacted budtenders from some of our favorite dispensaries in Bend to hear what they recommended for post-election stress. One enduring recommendation was to find strains that lean toward the Indica side, which are physically sedating and relaxing and may also help with sleep. Read on to find out what else these pot professionals recommended to both relax and let loose in the coming weeks ahead.

Bend budtenders have some relaxing recommendations to curb post-election stress. - PIXABAY
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  • Bend budtenders have some relaxing recommendations to curb post-election stress.

Rich Bassett – Jenny's Dispensary

Rich Bassett, a budtender at Jenny's Dispensary on NE Third Street, told the Source he didn't think it was a good idea for cannabis to be mixed with politics... but if we have to go there, the Obama Kush fits with the theme. It's heavy on the Indica, which can produce both calm or celebration, depending on your reaction to the election results. According to, an online directory of cannabis strains and brands, this strain "appropriately channels the former President's famous message of 'change' as it invigorates and inspires, providing a cerebral stimulation and a euphoric rush."

Bassett also suggested other Kush strains like Wedding Cake, which is a top-shelf offering at Jenny's, he said. The dispensary also carries medicinal soda by the Bend-based company Magic Number: It's a great drink to bring to a party if you feel like living it up once the election results are in. The drinks come in a variety of different strengths depending on the kind of high you're looking for, but be warned, the effects don't kick in for at least 30 minutes.

Anthony Torres, Substance Cannabis Dispensary

Anthony Torres, a budtender at Substance Cannabis Dispensary, recommended Bonkers, a strain created by crossing a Lemon Tree mother and a Cookies and Cream father. Torres said it's a euphoric, fruity strain with a lemon and cream flavor and results in a toned-down high. The uplifting effects come from a balanced split between THC and other cannabinoids, he said.

Torres also recommended Mellow Gron gummies, which have a 2:1 ratio of Cannabinol (CBN) to THC. CBN is one of over 100 known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant that appears when the flower is exposed to UV light, heat and oxygen, and begins to decarbonate, Torres explained. The effect is relaxed and uplifting, and with some pain-relieving properties, too. It's good for "mellowing out" before bed, he said.

Noelle Green - CannaVida

Noelle Green, a budtender at CannaVida, also recommended CBN for post-election anxiety. She moved to Bend from Orange County a year and a half ago, and said it's sold as an isolate in southern California, but in Oregon it usually comes as a hybrid with some THC. She touted its sedative properties, which could help people to stay calm if say, for instance, the race for President is still up in the air long after Election Day.

For a full-body relaxation, she suggested the Indica-dominant Don Mega strain, produced by Rosebud growers in Portland. It's a cross between the GMO and Black Banana strains and is "very heavy on the body sedation and body relaxation as well as some uplifting, mindful effects," she said.

For people who prefer Sativa strains, Green recommended Pineapple Fields, which has "energizing, clear-headed attributes," according to It also has a strong terpene profile. Terpenes are aromatic oils (often found in essential oils) that come from the same glands that produce cannabinoids. They offer distinct flavors like berry, mint, pine and citrus. Some of these, such as limonene and linolool, have slight psychoactive effects that are relaxing and uplifting, which might help you get through the day if your preferred candidate doesn't win.

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