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Protect Our Westside Fairyland

Where I live, I look outside and see what I would describe as a fairy-tale castle scene. From the lush, plentiful trees, to the abundance



Where I live, I look outside and see what I would describe as a fairy-tale castle scene. From the lush, plentiful trees, to the abundance of nature that buzzes around, it is a fantasy land - one that I would choose to live in if I could choose nearly any place in the world.

But there, on the outskirts of my beautiful view, I see the beginnings of what looks like more apartments. Yes, they are going to chop out yet more of the beautiful scenery on the Westside that we enjoy every day and replace it with apartments, concrete, and a treeless view.

Now, people move to Bend, or stay in Bend, because we enjoy the certain brand of aesthetic appeal that they get to enjoy nearly everywhere they go. They love to look out their windows in the morning and see such rich nature. They love driving by it when they go to a store, or to visit a friend. They love walking through it from time to time. But soon it will be gone. Soon they will be staring at white, or blue, or brown walls, cars, and cement. Honestly, I don't think the Westside would be the Westside without all of the trees that we have allowed to grow. There is a certain unique appeal to feeling like we are basically still in nature.

I think that the building of these apartments would be a great loss to the community. Maybe it would be a financial gain for one person or one small group of people, but for the ENTIRE rest of the community, it would be a cruel and unwise disservice. I urge you to reconsider all of your ambitious building projects on the Westside. If not for all of the people who would lose out on the beauty of their daily lives, then for Bend, and how it is important to keep it looking like a fairy-tale land.

Rebekka Manning

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