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Push for Plastic Bag Ban in Bend


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Tonight, the Stewardship for Sustainable Bagging, a non-profit organization put together by OSU-Cascades students, will offer a free showing of the documentary "Bag It" to support their proposed plastic bag ban in Bend.

The goal of the organization is to pass an ordinance banning single-use plastic bags at all retailers and apply a minimum charge of 10 cents on all single-use paper bags.


Here's why a bag ban is a legit idea, according to their website:

"More than 260 species of marine animals are effected by plastic debris in the ocean, either by ingestion or entanglement. Laysan Albatross, sea turtles, monk seals, whales and many species of fish have been found with large amounts of plastic in their stomachs. Approximately 1 billion seabirds and mammals die each year by ingesting plastics."
Sad face, screw bags, save the animals!

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