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Quit Baggin' On Obama

Letter to the editor.



President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize recently and your paper managed to run a couple (tidbits) on the event, including banter from a guy who didn't even know it happened and a piece in Upfront that was just an off-the-dome blurb. I'm not sure if that really counts as journalism. The Internet is rife with people spouting off uneducated opinions about various topics and you're killing trees to put more of it in print. To Mr. McMenaminuses (whoever that actually is) I would say, why don't you listen to the Nobel committee chair explain the decision before you feel the need to go on about it. There were specific reasons that they cited ("for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples") that make a lot of sense. And to those people who say that Obama hasn't "done" anything, I would say that you're completely not paying attention. In short, Obama has fundamentally changed the way the United States government operates.
(Obama) has taken important stands on ethical and peace issues with the potential to save millions of lives and has improved America's standing amongst the fraternity of nations in ways that can easily have an effect on world peace on a huge scale. Remember that first interview that he gave as President? To an Arab news agency? That alone was a move that affected a lot of people in a positive way. His speech in Cairo? There very well may be a lot of people who are alive today because of the lack of hatred for America that characterizes this new chapter. But the important bottom line is that this decision met Alfred Nobel's goals and criteria and was meant as an endorsement of Obama's approach...and that's an awesome thing.

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