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No one ever accused Thom Yorke and his band Radiohead of being unambitious.

To that end, they now have an Android and iOS app called Polyfauna. True to its name, the app is a journey through seemingly countless digital worlds.

Here's how it works:

-Download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store (it's about 80MB, so it's big for an app)

- Plug in your headphones for the best experience

-start exploring!

Moving your phone around offers full 360-degree views of each world and drawing on the screen creates shapes that burst open into 3D objects.

Navigate through the scenes and swirling galactic-looking space worms to find the pulsating red dot. Follow it closely enough and you'll burst into the next world.

-OR- as Radiohead explains it...

Your screen is the window into an evolving world.
Move around to look around.
You can follow the red dot.
You can wear headphones.
You can get some pretty strange looks on the train.

The music in the background is inspired by the song "Bloom" from The King of Limbs. It's pretty sparse and mildly trippy, aided of course by the sometimes colorful and sometimes dark landscapes.

One semi-elusive feature is revealed by clicking on the camera icon in the lower right-hand corner of the app screen. A camera sound fires and then the ride continues. These photos aren't saved to your phone's hard drive, rather they end up in a stream of user screenshots on Radiohead's website. But look fast, because the stream goes by pretty quickly.

Here are a few shots of our journey this evening...





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