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Rally to Restore Sanity Comes to Bend

Bend, Oregon will have its own Rally to Restore Sanity gathering.



Well, not THE rally, but we will have our own version of the Rally to Restore Sanity here in Bend on Saturday.

If you don't know, the Rally to Restore Sanity is Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's event (Colbert is, however, calling the event the March to Keep Fear Alive) in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall to encourage Americans to tone down the ridiculous rhetoric that we've seen as of late. Of course, the rally is also a response to Glenn Beck's display of demagoguery/egomania in August.

It's also probably going to be suuuper effing funny. The rally is streaming live and will be screened on Comedy Central on a tape delay from noon to three.

But if you want to be a voice of reason and sanity here in Bend, you can come to the Mirror Pond Plaza at 4pm on Saturday to wave your level-headed sign and NOT compare anyone to Hitler. There will be music and attendees are welcome to read "inspirational words."

Sounds pretty reasonable.

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