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Redmond Board Blew It



What a pathetic choice the Redmond School Board made last Wednesday evening.

These are incredibly challenging times with increasing unemployment in Central Oregon, and the decision the school board made is outrageous. People are struggling to pay their mortgages and wondering how they are going to continue to put food on the table. The Redmond School Board chose to give an 80 million dollar, two-and-half year project to a company from Sweden. Part of (our) hard-earned Central Oregon dollars are leaving America and going to Sweden. How does this fit with looking at the bigger picture of putting our country first in support of OUR citizens?!

The school board could have made different choices that would have been a whole lot more fair. They could have started over and put this job out to bid, putting all the contractors on a level playing field. Or the school board could have recognized that these are extraordinary times. Their decision COULD have reflected this, (by) choosing Nagelhout Construction. This would have been a courageous and extraordinary choice - going against the recommendation of the administration - that would have been RIGHT for Central Oregon and our country. But instead they went with the status quo, a big glitz, multi-billion dollar company (that) doesn't even have a local telephone number in the phone book and their address is a portable job trailer! Wow, pretty sadly pathetic.

S. Taylor

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