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Rescue. Refuge. Rehome.

A local program brings low-cost spay and neuter services and a refuge for the pets of people in crisis



Amanda Wheeler is the Chief Wagologist, founder and executive director of The Rawley Project, a relatively new nonprofit in Central Oregon offering services for animals in need. We chatted with its founder for this issue of Central Oregon Pets.

Source Weekly: What are the Rawley Project and Fixbend, and what is the mission of each?

Amanda Wheeler: I founded The Rawley Project with the desire to find homeless and abandoned dogs homes. Additionally, we have two subprograms, our refuge program which provides protection and refuge for pets with humans in crisis and FIXbend, which is an initiative to bring low cost spay/neuter, vaccine and microchip services to our community. We work closely with the Companion Animal Medical Project, who works with the unhoused community to bring these services to that community. 

Rawley Project Founder Amanada Wheeler hangs out with some of her friends. - COURTESY AMANDA WHEELER
  • Courtesy Amanda Wheeler
  • Rawley Project Founder Amanada Wheeler hangs out with some of her friends.

What is the current state of spay/neuter efforts in Central Oregon?

AW: Due to the closure of the Humane Society of Central Oregon’s Bend Spay Neuter Program there are currently no permanent, low-cost sterilization vaccination or wellness options available. Because of this, the animal population is spiking and disease is on the rise due to a lack of accessible care.  Most private practices are booked out months and months in advance, and also offer a price point that is out of reach for many residents. There is an intense need and incredible demand for these services. 

SW: Is there anything pet owners in Central Oregon can do to help?

AW: Yes, volunteer with us!! We of course need donations and sponsorships, too, but this is a community issue and we want our community’s help! Additionally, we utilize volunteers for everything from administration to caring for the animals after surgery to clean up. There is a spot for anyone interested in helping us. Our next clinic is March 26 at Companion Pet Clinic in Bend.

Follow us at @rawleyproject and @fixbend on Facebook and Instagram.

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