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Restaurant of the Year: Bos Taurus

The perfectly curated steakhouse


  • Tambi Lane Photography

Modern American steakhouse Bos Taurus earns the Restaurant of the Year status for the service and cuisine—both impeccable. The intention Chef George Morris and his staff have put into the Bos Taurus experience is reminiscent of a carefully curated museum exhibition—but one you can sink your teeth into.

Before opening a year ago, the Bos Taurus team spent time with the details, including blind-tasting steaks from 13 different ranches around the world and narrowing their choices down to five. When you order a steak, you're enjoying the very best representation of that cut Morris could find. The preparation of those steaks was part of the research, too.

Morris says, "the best way to prepare a steak is on cast iron over wood burning coals." To mimic this method, the team installed a custom designed, cast-iron slab, built for their open-air kitchen, in order to create a perfect sear on every steak. The wood essence is delivered with a sprinkling of special hickory-smoked salt.

The menu has traditional steakhouse offerings, including a Caesar salad, mac & cheese with childhood flavors and creamed spinach. Each steak is served with a sauce, your choice of brown butter béarnaise, horseradish cream, a wine-forward bordelaise, chimichurri or Bos steak sauce. Chef Morris doesn't mess with the classics unless he feels he can make an improvement. You can top your steak with Dungeness crab, get really decadent with French black truffle butter or rich, melt-in-your-mouth foie gras. While the cuisine is approachable for someone looking for an amazing steak and potato, foodies will be excited by modernist preparations in the starters and salads.

The kitchen isn't the only department that got its fair share of prior research; so did the bar. The stirred, smoked Bos Manhattan looks like a science experiment. Served in a beaker that captures the cherry wood smoke, the cocktail took months to develop. Behind the theatrics is a solid, bourbon-forward classic Manhattan. The crystal-clear block of ice sitting in the bottom of the glass, keeping the Manhattan perfectly cold, is frozen at just the right temperature for the perfect amount of time to keep out any bubbles.

Morris says winning restaurant of the year "is more about the staff. They are super dedicated and have worked really hard to create something great." He also says he's never worked in a restaurant where "the service staff is just as passionate as the back of the house."

From the minute you walk into Bos Taurus you're going to feel special. Someone asks to hang up your coat. If you have a handbag, a purse hanger is added to the edge of your table to hold it. I was there for a birthday dinner and a hand-written card was waiting in the center of our table. In addition, we were treated to a round of champagne. This is the place to go for a memorable meal or to celebrate those special moments in life.

Bos Taurus
163 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend

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