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Review: Warm Gadget Returns with 'Rituals'

After three years, the alternative metal duo drops a new EP



Tim Vester is probably most known in the Central Oregon scene for his work in the band Scary Busey. Colten Williams, on the other hand, is best known for crafting insane beats with MOsley WOtta. But for those unaware or for those who have forgotten, the two actually have a music project of their very own—the industrial metal and noise rock duo, Warm Gadget.

The two first formed Warm Gadget in 2009, beginning by making music in a bedroom studio. Since then, Vester and Williams have released a demo, full-length album, some EPs and a few other singles under the Warm Gadget name. Now they're back after a three-year break with their most recent offering— a seven-track EP titled "Rituals."

After three years of no new music, Warm Gadget proves they still rock on "Rituals." - COURTESY WARM GADGET
  • Courtesy Warm Gadget
  • After three years of no new music, Warm Gadget proves they still rock on "Rituals."

The music on "Rituals" is hard-hitting and energizing, leaving behind a heavy sense of determination. Or, in fewer words—"Rituals" gets me amped, baby. The project features five brand-new songs along with two remixes of the fourth track "Symptoms," from electronic artists Witch Eyes and Snowbeasts.

The listening experience is pretty intense overall—not something I would play if I was looking to wind down. Sometimes it feels like the soundtrack of a warrior getting ready for battle, other times like a montage in a horror flick. But even still—this isn't an EP that's too heavy to enjoy. Songs like "Symptoms" and "Dead To Me" are both tracks fully capable of singing along with.

"Rituals" is carried by a big three of elements: Williams' screaming guitar, his intricate and eerie synths that become the backbone for much of the EP, and the cherry on top is Vester's growl. He packs so much feeling into his vocals that play off nicely with the backing production and instrumentation.

While loud, Warm Gadget has crafted a nice blend on "Rituals" that really walks a nice line through the spaces of metal, electronic and rock. The replay-ability of "Rituals" is a testament to the duo's understanding of these genres and knowledge of music.

Throw this thing on to get ready to take on your day—for the gym, a big run or ride, before a big work presentation, or hell, even if you're just angry. "Rituals" feels best when blasted loud. It's clear that after three years, Warm Gadget still has it and they delivered big following the break between their last release. The duo is a pair of vets on the local scene who have reunited with an even more polished sound than before. You don't want to miss it.

You can find "Rituals" on Warm Gadget's Bandcamp for purchase or streaming

Album Grade: A-
Favorite Track: "Symptoms"

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