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Riding for the Environment

SnoPlanks collaborates with surf legend Gery Lopez on a line of skateboards aimed at supporting natural spaces



Started in 2012 by James Nicol, SnoPlanks has since become a fixture of the extreme sports world in Bend and beyond, with its handmade skateboards and snowboards. So it makes sense that its latest collab is with legendary surfer Gerry Lopez, aka Mr. Pipeline.

The new line of boards is called Street Surfer. Designed by Lopez and SnoPlanks, the duo is also teaming up with The Conservation Alliance this year, donating 100% of proceeds from the Street Surfer boards to The Alliance's summer grant cycle from June through September. Based in Bend, The Conservation Alliance works to "harness the collective power of business and outdoor communities to fund and advocate for the protection of North America's wild places."

Don't try this at home, though these skateboards have the power to set you free. - COURTESY SNOPLANKS
  • Courtesy SnoPlanks
  • Don't try this at home, though these skateboards have the power to set you free.

"When we started SnoPlanks, we knew that we wanted to do more with our brand than simply sell a consumer product," said Nicol, SnoPlanks' founder, in a press release. "It's our responsibility as ambassadors for our planet to do whatever we can to protect these wild places and that's what this collaboration with Gerry and The Conservation Alliance is all about."

The Street Surfer line includes three different styles of boards: The Flatwater, a hybrid shape with medium flex and is concave, and "something that lives between a longboard and a popsicle stick." Then there's The Cheater, styled as a "classic longboard shape with full camber and slight concave throughout," that features a fish tail on the rear as a callback to its surfer roots. Lastly, there's The Popsticle—more of your classic deck style, which SnoPlanks describes as "Perfect for curbs, parks, pools, back roads, and beer runs." Each board also features the laser-etched Gerry Lopez signature on top.

In layman's terms? All of the boards look super sick. But what else would you expect when outdoor world powerhouses collide for the greater good?

These boards were made for riding; from left, the Flatwater, the Cheater and the Popsticle. - COURTESY SNOPLANKS
  • Courtesy SnoPlanks
  • These boards were made for riding; from left, the Flatwater, the Cheater and the Popsticle.

SnoPlanks officially joined The Conservation Alliance in January of this year and is already looking to make a difference through its gear. The money raised for grants given out by The Alliance will be sent out to different wildlife organizations working toward protecting North America's natural areas and landscapes. If you work for a nonprofit organization or know someone who does, more information on these grants is online at conservationalliance.com.

"We're both excited and humbled by the commitment that SnoPlanks has made with their Street Surfer line," said Conor McElyea, program manager at The Conservation Alliance. "We appreciate the commitment brands make when becoming members of the Alliance, but 100% of proceeds for the only products they sell for an entire summer is an outstanding vote of confidence in our work, and it will have a very real impact on the amount of support we can provide our grantees in our summer grant cycle."

"There is no right way to do the wrong thing. We start out in business to do the right thing—build the best product or offer the best service, and deal with the endless problems that come with trying to do that. But suddenly we have a much bigger problem on our hands. Our planet is in crisis and our business is about saving our world. This is a problem that all of us need to incorporate into our everyday lives. The wrong thing is not doing anything," said Lopez.

You can find the Street Surfer collection online at snoplanks.com.

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