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Right-Wingers' Credibility Gets Carved Up

When the story about McCain campaign worker Ashley Todd being attacked by an Obama supporter who carved the letter B into her cheek appeared on



When the story about McCain campaign worker Ashley Todd being attacked by an Obama supporter who carved the letter B into her cheek appeared on The Drudge Report, right-wing news media gobbled it up like a kid with an ice cream cone - and none more enthusiastically than the NW Republican blog.

"The dirtbag who attacked her was (or is) a supporter of Barack Obama," wrote "Hairy Reed."

"How many McCain supporters do you know of that have robbed someone at knife-point and then carved an 'M' in their face?

"This story is disgusting on so many levels. I am certainly not saying that all NObama supporters believe they should carve letters in the faces of McCain supporters, but you get the feeling listening to these moonbats, and the way they revere 'The One,' that eventually anyone who doesn't agree with NObama is going to be persecuted in some way.

"This is a sad, sad day."

It got even sadder and hairier for Hairy and other right-wingers when it came out that Todd had made the whole story up.

Reasonable people were suspicious from the start. For one thing, there were no witnesses to the alleged attack. The letter B on Ashley's face looked more like a welt than something inflicted with a knife. And the letter was BACKWARDS, as if Ashley had branded it on her own cheek while looking in a mirror.

Also the story followed a classic racist stereotype: Big Scary Black Man attacks innocent little white woman.

But McCain supporters are desperate to believe anything that might possibly help their man's floundering campaign, so they seized on this transparently bogus tale.

After the truth came out, NW Republican blogmaster Ted Piccolo ("I Am Coyote") issued an apology ... sort of:

"I am not the author of this post so I don't want to speak for them. I did however want to post my two cents at the top of this thread, because unlike the liberal blogs or mainstream newspapers, I eat my crow or criticize my own when it is appropriate.

"I have been out of the office all day today so I had no idea this story had developed to the point that this was a McCain supporter making the entire thing up and trying to blame it on Obama supporters.

"She [Todd] is a lying nag and should live the rest of her life shamed for trying to turn this into something it is not. She is no better than the pro-Obama kid who hacked into Gov. Palin's email in an attempt to find 'something.'

"It must be noted that this post was created in response to a news story. And the news story was wrong.

"I have also closed down the comments because obviously some of the moonbats have no idea how to carry on a conversation."

The Eye feels nothing but sympathy for Todd, who reportedly has a history of mental problems. But we have to wonder what goes on in the minds of Republicans who eagerly passed on this crap with no effort to check on its accuracy or reality. What kind of wine would you like with that crow, Coyote?

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