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Running Form Clinic Tonight—With Real Professionals



How to run efficiently.
  • How to run efficiently.

Remember when we wrote about Jay Dicharry and his fancy treadmill, the one that cost more than my house and measures impact forces in 3D? He's giving a talk tonight at Rebound Physical Therapy (the Westside Clinic, 1160 SW Simpson) and will be joined by local running legends Max King and Stephanie Howe. It's from 7 to 9pm tonight and it's free! There's even beer and snacks!

Dicharry tests shoes for major brands, like Brooks and Merrell and ran the SPEED Performance Clinic at the University of Virginia before moving here last year. He holds a master's degree in physical therapy, is a sports clinical specialist and knows more about the biomechanics of running than most anyone.
Basically, he's the man. Learn how to be a faster runner, with less effort.

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