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Running with the Devil: Devil May Cry 4


The clear cut number one in '07It seems like game publishers don't make original games anymore, just sequels to hit games, and Capcom is no exception. Its latest release "Devil May Cry 4" is the third sequel to the hit game Capcom released on the Playststion 2 back in 2001. The original was a forerunner in the extreme combat genre and a predecessor to hugely popular games like "God of War" and "Blood Will Tell." While the concept may not be revolutionary, "Devil 4" is largely up to the task of reinventing the genre that it helped to establish.

"Devil May Cry 4" is an epic story where the lines between good and evil are constantly blurred. Taking full advantage of the advanced graphical and processing power of the next-generation systems, the game draws players into the rich and highly detailed world of Fortuna. More enemies and some of the most badass bosses ever conceived confront players in this latest installment of the "Devil" series. Also new is a greater focus on narrative over fighting, which makes this game feel even more epic than its predecessors. "Devil" veterans should make note that the latest installment has them playing as a new character, Nero. They will, however, get a chance to reunite with the game's original protagonist, Dante.

Casual gamers should be aware that this game is unforgiving. If you have a hard time playing a challenging game from beginning to end, then this might not be for you. It starts off much like "Devil May Cry 3" with hordes of enemies coming at you. But this time you're rewarded with far more gorgeous cut scenes and a deeper story. The only downside seems to be the "butt rock" soundtrack - it's great at first, but it tends to get annoying after a bit.

Also, Capcom (like many other publishers) is making its games multi-platform as "Devil May Cry 4" is made for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Playstation 3 version allows you to load the game to your hard drive to cut down on load times. If you like a game with a good story, fantastic HD graphics, and tons of fighting then this Devil might be for you.

Devil May Cry 4

Publisher: Capcom. Rated: M for Mature. $39.99-59.99. 1 Player, Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC


To the Extreme

Back in the early 90s, games started incorporating more complex storylines. One genre to emerge from this movement was "extreme combat" - games comprising complex and elaborate scenes where graphics, movement and sound come together to create epic moments.

Extreme combat games still keep a "score" of some sort, and will commonly "grade" your efforts following each mission. These games consist primarily of fighting hordes of enemies, memorizing an extensive list of moves, weapons, and combos and last, but not least, developing super-human reflexes and overall Godlike eye-hand mastery.

This compelling blend of four genres (the classic beat-'em-up "vs. fighter," "the RPG," and the "2D-shoot-'em-up") makes this the best type of game available today. Examples for this genre include: "The Devil May Cry" series, "Ninja Gaiden," "God of War" and "Blood Will Tell." -Shawn Wallbaum

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