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Same Faces, Different Faces

AKA Faceless returns home to Central Oregon and sonically expands their horizons



You may recognize Trevor Martell and Jason Allenby from their days in local Bend band Patrimony. With their latest project, they may not want you to see their faces, but they do want you to experience how they've grown musically since departing for Music City, aka Nashville, Tenn. While Patrimony has parted ways, two of the band's founding members continue on as AKA Faceless.

Whereas Patrimony strived to create timeless rock and roll, AKA Faceless crosses the boundaries of the genre, highlighting influences such as David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Jack White. Upon listening to their first album, "Faceless," written and recorded in two weeks earlier this year, it's clear Martell and Allenby's latest project leans more toward garage rock, folk and the blues.

"The ending of ["V for Vendetta"], he passes out the same mask that he wears to everybody in the city when they turn against the government," Martell says. "That represents that everyone was V,V was everybody around. I believe that sort of culture mindset is that art is in all of us and we all have different faces that we do it through. As much as it is your choice, you can put any mask on that you wish to it, but it's inevitable that you have to put on one. That's why I say our band name could be anything, which is Also Known As Faceless."

Martell and Allenby have been making music together since high school, both having participated in the Americana Project at Sisters High School and then forming Patrimony. When Patrimony split, Martell believes they had all started to dive into different styles, almost as if they were putting on different faces in the same band. Splitting off to create AKA Faceless allowed them to have more creative freedom.

"Our drummer, who does vocals as well, is now playing a keyboard, that's sort of a new age thing," Martell says. "A lot of bands right now are having synths in their bands. He does the drums and the keyboard at the same time. As much as it is just impressive, it also allows us to explore different tones and sonically expand to different horizons."

The band recorded the "Faceless" album, their first, on their own in a lofted-ceiling living-room in Sisters. The lofted ceilings helped bring out good sound in a comfortable home space. They recorded as quick and raw as possible, as they were on a tight deadline before leaving town.

""We like to record live," says drummer Allenby. "We try to separate everything as best we can, so we have to overdub as little as possible. We play together and grab the randomness."

In the 30 days of June, the duo will have played 23 shows in eight states, concluding with a homecoming show at Volcanic Theatre Pub to mark their move and return home to Oregon. The guys are excited to spend time with their families and be back within their roots for songwriting. AKA Faceless also plans to spend the summer in Portland working with a top secret European record producer after doing a West Coast tour in July.

"I'm excited to see how my voice is going to sound, I'm excited to see everyone sweat," Martell says of their homecoming show at Volcanic. The band hopes to bring together a huge crowd and showcase to the Bend music community how much they've grown. But they also want to have fun. "I hope my friend brings his horse mask. I wore it once at a show and I think this time it would be more fitting."

AKA Faceless, Foxy Lemon & Cambrian Explosion

Fri., June 30. 9pm.

Volcanic Theatre Pub

70 SW Century Dr., Bend.

$8/adv at, $10/door.

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