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Same Name, New Game: Redmond's Clock Tower Pub gets a menu makeover


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Remember when your buddy bought that big-screen TV? All of a sudden, his (or her) house became the best place to catch a game, match, or race. The screen was impressive, your buddy chummy, and his couch comfy. Besides, knocking back a few brews guaranteed a good time. But your friend, it seems, has some competition. There's a new, better-equipped guy in town, and he's packing around 280 total (high definition) inches of television.

Redmond's Clock Tower Pub changed hands last month and the new owners aren't wasting any time. The Pearsons, Dan and his wife Dawn, and Dan's parents Steve and Carol Pearson, kicked off a list of improvements by installing an additional five televisions, raising the total to seven. Other immediate upgrades include extended hours and a new menu.

I'm not a big sports fan, but even I can appreciate the technology responsible for displaying half a dozen ESPN channels - at once. Sorry, bro; new guy might have you beat on that one. But the Clock Tower Pub isn't just about the tube. Peel your butt from the bar stool and participate in your own game. Adjacent to the bar and dining area, you'll find a spacious room providing three pool tables, two high-tech dartboards and a shuffleboard. You can also make donations to the state of Oregon by depositing money in a few of the video slot machines. Whichever activity you choose, the relaxed environment and friendly, pal-like service will tempt you to abandon outside responsibilities and stay awhile.

I asked about customer favorites but Mr. Pearson ... sorry, Dan, reserved comment and turned his enthusiasm toward the upcoming menu. Dan promises more burgers - ten in total, quarter- and half-pound chili dogs, and a larger selection of appetizers. Look for Pearson creations like the avocado bacon burger or the blue cheese burger. Though the new lineup wasn't available when I dined, many of the existing items will continue: hot and cold sandwiches ($7 -$8), entrée salads ($7.50 - $8.50), and appetizers ($4 - $7) like buffalo wings, nachos, chicken tenders and chili cheese fries. Pricing, remember, is subject to change.

A majority of the Clock Tower's clientele - normal people, like my dining companion - will order pub-like food. The south of the border burger ($7.75), for example, is a one-third pound patty topped with green chilies, pepper jack cheese and chipotle spread, served with house fried kettle chips, soup or slaw. When I asked how my friend liked his meal he offered, "It's a good burger. Meaty. Fills ya' up." Thanks for the descriptive assessment, Rico. I, on the other hand, tried the grilled chicken salad ($8.50), a true test of the kitchen's versatility. The salad looked delicious, substantial too. Slices of grilled chicken, fresh avocado, diced tomatoes and shredded cheese arced across a bed of mixed greens. But to be honest, I haven't had chicken like that since my tour through Costa Rica.

Any good sports bar needs a lengthy beverage list. In addition to draft and bottled beers, and house and premium wines, the Clock Tower Pub has a full bar. And if you don't see your preference, don't be surprised if it shows up the next time you do. Even though it is a bar, the atmosphere is tame enough to bring the kids, as minors are welcome to accompany their dining adults until 9 p.m.

Clock Tower Pub

2757 NW 7th, Redmond. 541-526-1871. Mon. - Thurs. 11am - 11pm, Fri. and Sat. 11am - midnight, Sunday 11am - 10pm

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