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Artwatch: Sarah More & Eva Ferrell

The Space Whisperer


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Colors, patterns and Sarah More have a history together.

Judging by her work, it's probably not hard to guess that this week's cover artist has a longtime interest in both. "As a kid," she says, "I used to make these crazy abstract coloring pages for myself, which is not so different from what I do in my studio today."

Textile design, which she studied in art school, still plays a large role in her paintings. As for the customized designs she creates for clients: "My intention is to capture a person's environment in a way that interprets and reflects who they are—without being too literal or heavy-handed. I consider myself a 'space whisperer' of sorts."

Sometimes her clients actively participate in the design. Other times, More just lets the space "speak" to her.

"I'm not a portrait or landscape painter in the traditional sense," she says, "so as long as the client understands that they'll be receiving an abstract painting, they can participate as much or as little as they'd like."

Sarah Helen More

Lost Season Supply Co.

200 NE Greenwood Ave Suite 2, Bend

Fri., April 7, 5-9pm (and throughout April)


Eva Ferrell

An Inspirational artist for First Friday

Doctors predicted Eva Ferrell would never use her hands and arms functionally. She brushed aside their diagnosis and blossomed into a truly inspirational artist. Born with severe cerebral palsy, Eva painted the last five years of her life – leaving behind nearly 100 pieces before passing away at the age of nine. She thrived as an artist – blending bright colors into expressive portraits.

Painting was a "game changer for her," says Eva's father Sean, who notes that her story is one of "hope and the possibility in all of us." Sean's also at work on a documentary about Eva entitled "Superability."

A juried, 27-piece selection of Eva's artwork will be on display throughout April at downtown Bend's Layor Art + Supply.

Eva's Art Show

Layor Art & Supply

1000 NW Wall St., Suite 110, Bend

Fri., April 7, 5-9pm (and throughout April)



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