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Sasquatch 2011 Wish List (part 2)

Some more bands we'd like to see at Sasquatch 2011.



What would you do if you were a band from Newcastle who had just released a great debut, dance worthy rock album in the states and had a current UK tour ending on February 26th? Why, you'd come to Sasquatch of course! Okay... maybe not. Perhaps Little Comets showing up should be considered my sleeper pick for next week's upcoming festival lineup announcement. The album In Search Of Elusive Little Comets, itself is a lot of fun and it sure seems like it would translate to a great afternoon romp at the smaller Yeti stage.

If Little Comets don't make it to Sasquatch this year, I sure hope their album title won't describe my chances of seeing them in the Pacific Northwest at some point this year. Though, I'm sure I can exercise patience if it does. Below is the official music video for Joanna, the first single released from that album.

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Last year, Passion Pit returned to Sasquatch for the second straight year... and if I had a request for an artist to acheive that this coming year, it would be for a repeat peformance by Toronto based DJ, Deadmau5. If you want to know why... just check out this video and read some thoughts about what made his show so much fun. Though... this might also border on super hopeful thinking, since he hasn't scheduled any shows for 2011 thus far. Four days and counting until the lineup is announced, and expect to see a full list on Bent as soon as we get word.

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