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"Sauce" by The JZ Band



Local Sisters favorite, the JZ Band's new album dropped earlier this month with a CD release party at The Capitol on March 12.

Few know the rhythm of life as intimately as musicians, and the lyrics of this album are by turns serious and funny, light-hearted and wise. Whether playing at The Belfry in Sisters or in the recording studio, the band draws attention. Are the voices perfect? No, but neither is life. The beauty may be in the imperfections. Decades of musicianship and the ease of performing together contribute to the band's sound.

It seems "Sauce" was created with the understanding that people like to mix it up and not be pinned down to any one type of music. David Zandonatti (acoustic guitar, bass, vocals), Joe Leonardi (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), Mark Ransom (electric guitar), Scott Hersh (organ, paino and accordion), Kaleb Kelliher (drums), Greg Weland (drums) and Benji Nagel (lap steel) play from the heart. Dale Largent and Linken Olsen handled recording. This new album also features special guest Jim Goodwin on tenor saxophone, just one of many reasons to check it out.

Zandonatti has been on the music scene since the mid-1960s and it's obvious he knows enough about life not to take it too seriously, yet to know just how serious it all is. He's been out there on the edge of music for a mighty long time. "Blues on Friday," Yes. "True Love," sounds good, too. Zandonatti collaborated on lyrics with fellow bandmate Leonardi, a talented singer-songwriter and producer.

Folk, country, rock, reggae and swing are all present to create a musical experience to be remembered as one that felt good. This album is a journey through 12 original songs, such as "Fahrenheit," delivering thought-provoking lyrics like, "Do I really want to change my ways?" It was recorded at Smokey Butte Studios in Tumalo.

The band's next performance is the Second Annual Revival at The Belfry in Sisters, Saturday, April 16, 8 to 11 p.m., $10.

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