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Are you willing to see Tumalo Falls unnecessarily depleted?  Are you willing to allow our pristine watershed—the source of Bend’s drinking water and the lifeblood of our fish & wildlife—to be permanently and irreversibly harmed? Do you want higher than necessary water rates?  If not, vote for Sally Russell, Doug Knight, Barb Campbell and Jim Clinton for Bend City Council. This will ensure a majority on the council who will support an economically smart water system as well as an environmentally beneficial one.

A change of direction on the Bend City Council is definitely needed.  Here are some examples of extremely poor decisions made by current and past city councilors which cost city taxpayers millions of dollars: Juniper Ridge; the purchase of sub-standard Bend Transit Buses; not knowing curb cuts needed to be handicapped accessible; buying city hall property at top dollar and letting it sit vacant. The list goes on and on.

The reason people move to Bend is for our great quality of life. We need a City Council who will listen to the input of its citizens and who will respect and protect our environment—the quality of which makes Bend such a wonderful place to live and recreate. We don’t need politicians pushing expensive, environmentally destructive projects down our throats when better alternatives exist. We do need Bend moving in the right direction. Sally Russell, Doug Knight, Barb Campbell, and Jim Clinton will work towards sensible water policies and smart water rates.

—Jeff Boyer

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