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Scary Busey Drops the "Tower Peeler" EP

Three new local songs to get you screaming through this quarantine



Metalheads, gather 'round: Scary Busey is offering its latest project for free on Bandcamp (and available on other platforms too) while we’re all on lockdown. Titled “Tower Peeler,” the three-track EP is a pleasant surprise from the Bend-based hard rockers. 

The first two songs, “Profondo Rosso” and the title track are both under three minutes. Whereas the the project’s closer, “Suicide Note,” runs for over eight minutes—so don’t worry, you’re getting plenty of awesome Scary Busey action here.

Album cover art for "Tower Peeler." - COURTESY SCARY BUSEY
  • Courtesy Scary Busey
  • Album cover art for "Tower Peeler."

“This EP was recorded while recording a series of other songs, but was always intended to be released as a standalone, three-song work,” says vocalist Tim Vester. “In structure and emotional tone, the songs on this release are branching into a new terrain of chaotic and manic energy. Heavy in sound, heavy emotion, heavy subject matter.”

Vester is definitely right about the heaviness. The EP is chilling and offers a good variety in its sonic tones, and shows in a small sample size that metal stretches further beyond than what many music listeners might think. It’s kind of cinematic!

The band plans on selling these for physical copies soon, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates. In the meantime, download the EP while you can for FREE and turn your lockdown into a rockdown, baby. 

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