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In response to Mr. Funke:

There is a reason Obama picked this pastor to perform the invocation, but to understand why you'd have to step out of your personal feelings to See the Bigger Picture. The bigger picture is very important, as it is relevant to rounding up support of all peoples. In order to do this, Intelligent Strategy is Required.

Sit quietly in a non-reactionary space for a moment and Open Your Mind Wider, See The Whole Picture. Gaining support from this particular group of people is important. Why? Because we would like to see Obama Live a Long Term in the White House. How Amazing!!!..Warren has erased from his website "someone unwilling to repent of their homosexuality lifestyle would not be accepted as a member at Saddleback church." This is a tiny opening of a long tunnel...but indeed a start!

The man is working for you!

Obama Knowledge Rocks

Leorra C.

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