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Serve Thy Master

Letter to the Editor.



One of our revered multibillionaires, a Koch brother, recently stated that they are the real doers in society and he has jobs for the people who don't want to work-in the prison! As inmates? Working through his Tea Potty people in Congress, he rightfully plans to eliminate all social government programs, except for the Giant War Machine-necessary to protect their interests in their slave markets and their world resources.

Global slavery is a huge plus. However, a 25-cents-an-hour Chinese worker for one of our billion-dollar companies in China dared to complain, wailing that [he] could not afford to feed his family on the going wage. Our global economy and unregulated capitalism function superbly and do not need wailers like him!

Take into account the 15-hour days and seven-day weeks and it adds up to a little over $100 a month. Our workers here have been lectured by our voodoo economists for years that they must learn to compete with their global counterparts or else! So the once well-paid jobs have all migrated to slave factories overseas. As it should be.

Brilliance and hard work have turned our globalists into rightfully rewarded billionaires. Their legalized perks also allow their enormous slavery profits to be sheltered in Swiss banks so NO U.S. taxes can be collected on their billions - as it should be for them!

Thanks be that we no longer have do-gooder losers in government like FDR who kept taxes on wealth at 95 percent and Eisenhower, whose wealth tax rate was 90 percent! Horrors! There would be no multibillionaires today and no planned depressions for workers to gut the working class' jobs and salaries.

When our hard working underpaid underclass dares to complain that they can no longer afford bread to feed their hungry families let the Koch Brothers rightfully and justly say, "LET THEM EAT CAKE."

Respectfully yours,

- Al Keiser Greth, Bend

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