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Setting the Record Straight

This week's letter of the week comes from local peace activist and Vietnam era veteran Phillip Randall who points out that the campaign rhetoric doesn't


This week's letter of the week comes from local peace activist and Vietnam era veteran Phillip Randall who points out that the campaign rhetoric doesn't always match up with reality. Everyone should be as diligent with their political fact checking as Phil. Thanks for the letter. Drop us a line and we'll let you know what the prize is for claiming LOW honors this week.

Setting the record straight

What is the truth behind the distortion of Obama's record by the McCain team on supporting our troops? Disabled American Veterans gave Obama an 80/100 and Biden a 75/100. McCain got a lowly 20/100 and Palin has no record on veterans' issues. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America rated Obama B+, gave Biden a B+ also. McCain's record D.

In his long career McCain voted 29 times against veterans' medical benefits. McCain voted against the bi-partisan Webb/Hagel G.I. Bill; a bill that would have provided better educational opportunities to veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. McCain opposed the Bayh amendment that would have provided $360 million for better-armored humvees at a time when roadside bombs were killing American troops. Obama supported this amendment. McCain voted against the Dodd amendment that would provide an additional $320 million in protective gear for our troops. Also McCain voted against the Landrieu amendment that would have given our National Guard and Reserve troops the equipment they needed to survive on the battlefield.

McCain on one of his trips to Iraq stated that Iraq was as safe as walking downtown in Des Moines. The reality was the photo of John McCain in Iraq in body armor surrounded by bodyguards and helicopters patrolling the skies for his exclusive protection.

The most important decision that a Presidential candidate can make is the choice of his Vice President. McCain really wanted Joe Lieberman, who was rejected as pro-choice, instead his handlers handed him a political newcomer with a checkered past. This says tons about the McCain team that they didn't adequately research Sarah Palin's record and then, when they found out that she was dirty, kept her on the team. In contrast, Obama who was attacked for his relative lack of experience chose Sen. Biden a Senator with a long and distinguished career.

I hope all veterans; Republican, Independent and Democrat will join me in voting for the Presidential Team who have consistently supported our troops, Senators Obama and Biden. Also, all of you voters out there who don't have nine houses and 13 cars like McCain, please vote for Obama and Biden both of whom grew up poor, and are real Christians with compassion for the poor and middle class rather than multi-national corporations.

Philip H. Randall, Bend

Editor's note: The author is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who served from 1966-1970.

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