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Shake It Like You Mean It: Local bar and restaurant vets team up for a fashionable fundraiser

If you're like me, the whole right-wing effort to defund Planned Parenthood made you want to bang your head against your cubicle, or down a stiff cocktail.




If you're like me, the whole right-wing effort to defund Planned Parenthood made you want to bang your head against your cubicle, or down a stiff cocktail. Well here's your chance to make good on that notion (the cocktail that is, not head banging). Longtime collaborators Chris Lohrey and Erica Reilly are teaming up with local mixologist and Source columnist Columbine Quillen on a themed party that doubles as a fundraiser for the local Planned Parenthood offices.

The party is a throwback of sorts for Reilly and Lohrey who threw several of these events dubbed "red parties" dating back as far as 2003 at the Domino Room. They threw several subsequent parties at their former restaurant and nightclub, The Grove, usually around Valentine's Day (hence the "red" theme, said Reilly.) The most recent iteration, which the organizers are calling Blush: The Red Party Continues, draws on two popular concepts that Lohrey, Reilly and Quillen have dabbled in recently - the pop-up restaurant and the cocktail-driven gathering. As fans of Lohrey's and Reilly's mobile kitchen, Spork, know, the pair have experimented with one-off dinners at Café Sintra, which happens to be the host for this Saturday night's Blush party. Recently, old friends Reilly and Quillen teamed up on a playful, pop-up nightclub at the matte bar in Tin Pan Alley, which the two transformed into a "password required" speakeasy for a night.

Quillen said recently that it was a natural to merge these two ideas and the thought of reviving the Red Party really resonated, particularly given the partisan politicking over Planned Parenthood funding.

It's also a great excuse for two old friends and veterans of the local club scene to work together without the commitment, and risk, of opening their own place.

"Our strengths flatter one another. She's really good at working the design of the space and has really good connections in the music scene. I'm good at doing the drinks and the not-so-pretty side of the bar operation," said Quillen, who is developing half a dozen "red" cocktail recipes for the evening.

The night kicks off with appetizers from both Spork and new mobile food kitchen Honey Pot, according to organizers. Drinks will be served throughout and a $25 tickets gets you food and two cocktails to get the evening started. As dusk encroaches, the party amps up with music from Flying Kites, Moniker and El Jefe. Those who are just interested in the dance party can come late (10:30 to close) and groove the night away for a $10 donation that comes with a free drink. Regardless of when you arrive, all attendees are encouraged to embrace the red theme by dressing in color and with style. Wander back to the retro photo booth and get your mug imprinted on celluloid to assist in memory retrieval on Sunday morning.

If there's a better deal for a better cause, we don't know about it.


8-10:30p.m./cocktail party. 10:30pm-close/dance party with Flying Kites, El Jefe and Moniker. Cocktail and dance party/$25. Dance party only/$10.

Café Sintra,1024 NW Bond. 21 and over.

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