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She's No Superwoman!


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My first thought was that, from the single mother mired in a Central Oregon recession to oncologist Dr. Linyee Chang, or one of the physicians at Fall Creek Medicine, from COCC's Rebecca Walker-Sands and Kathleen McCabe to Rachael Scdoris, all these candidates, all you can come up with is a bored housewi...excuse me a "Search and Social Specialist" as Woman of the Year? WOW! Thank you, The Source, for once again harvesting those pearls of wisdom from our lowly, mollusk encrusted lives, leading us into the light, and elevating we the people onto that opulent necklace of humanity. You're doing Grandpa Hearst proud, The Source, keep it going!


Editor's note: Mr. Balestrieri, I think you forgot Mother Teresa. We're pretty sure she skied Bachelor once.

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